Mission Statement

Regardless of geography and background, one thing all humans have in common is the desire for a long, healthy life for ourselves and for our children. At Rebel Blossom Organics, we think this is largely achieved by eating organic, whole foods and using products with naturally derived ingredients. We are firmly rooted in the belief that plants and animals should be grown naturally and raised humanely, free from genetic modification, synthetic preservatives and harmful chemicals. We also believe that everything we put INTO or ONTO our bodies should be organic whenever possible, with minimal processing. Our passion and our mission are to create products that check all these boxes, while putting a smile on the faces of our customers!

We invite everyone- the tree huggers, the entrepreneurs, the shift workers, the patriots, the free spirits, the rednecks, the city dwellers and the homesteaders- to join us in the growing movement to LIVE FREE, ORGANICALLY.

The Rebel without a Pause